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12th April 2007

The Riesenrad - built in 1897 in the Prater park.


Just had to snap this from the correct angle.  The mighty hero on horseback.

Schloß Schönbrunn from the Gloriette - these guys really knew how to occupy a place with space and a great view.Now you can wander through the grounds at will.

13th April 2007

Buildings in the City Centre.

Harry leanin' on a lampost by the linden tree dedicated to Schubert in the Karlsplatz.

You can ride to the top of a tower in the Karlskirche,  in a lift.  The ceiling paintings are being restored.  The view over Vienna is rather obscured by wire mesh, breaks up the horizontals a bit for sufferers from vertigo. Advice, don't turn round too fast.