bits and bats and sticks and stones and pics and pomes

Somewhere new?

She knew about carbon emissions


their contribution to global warming,


nothing could quite replace

being at the wheel,

leaning and turning

following the elegant curves of road

drawn in fluid lines

over the hills,

leading to an illusion

of going somewhere new.


30th April 2007




Plonger au fond du gouffre, Enfer ou Ciel, qu'importe?

Au fond de l'Inconnu pour trouver du nouveau!


Baudelaire: Le Voyage




A different sort of restlessness, this urge to alter other people. 

An interior designer
in each of us
alert for home improvements
would change
other people's homes
strip that table,
paint that window sill
discard that curtain...

throw out this person
unplug a connection
file smooth,
polish a copper link.

on the outside
looking in.

We forget

each mind
has its own frosted windows

no-one's house
an ideal home
for someone else.

Bristol June 2007

St Swithin's Stasis

St Swithin’s Day dawned overcast and muggy;
Clock hands dragged through treacle as I watched;
Cat-hair tangled,  clumpy in my fingers;
Sure as hell, the outlook would be botched.

My memory built a clock face out of whelk-shells.
Swift surf erased it from the bleak sea-shore.
A threatened storm hung heavy in the offing
and distant thunder grumbled, nothing more.

done from prompts - can you guess them?

July15th 2007